Stop Wasting Money Making "Pretty Videos"

(A Videographer Reveals The Ugly Truth)

Pretty videos may get you a few "likes"... But are your cinematic / cool / edgy videos helping you connect with your audience? Are they resonating your values? Are they turning your viewers int diehard fans? Or… are they just glorified b-roll. With no ROI?

You know the power of video. You see the impact it’s having everywhere. So if it’s not working for YOU it’s probably because you’ve been focusing on the wrong things. Things like video quality, expensive cameras and “cinematic shots” etc…

Well, take it from a professional videographer… Those things don’t matter anymore.

So what do the successful videos have that yours don’t?

You need to have a message.

If you want to cut through the noise… Have a message.

If you want your video to be seen… Have a message.

Stop blending in. Make a bold statement. Take a stand. Share your convictions.

If two products, or brands, or artists are competing for the same audience… It’s the one that carries a message that will win every time.

So while everyone else is trying to look cool, or “fit in” or focusing on dumb stuff that gets the wrong attention… Use this cultural shift as your unfair advantage. Align yourself with video creators that “get it”.

Creators that want to translate your brand’s special magic into a engaging story.

Creators that can reverse engineer the psychology, needs, and desires of your audience to tailor a message that hit’s them in the gut.

Creators that treat the video production process like the beautiful art it is AND the communication tool it can be.

Creators that understand the two-step process:

Step 1. Make the video.

Drill-down to the essence of your business. Extract the passion that’s in your heart and the convictions that are in your head and turn that into a powerful message you’d be proud to convey. Be magnetic to your target audience. Be repellent to your haters.

You’ll end up with a “message video” that makes you stand apart from the crowd.

Step 2. Share it.

Create a targeted strategy to promote your new video to your chosen channels. You’ll be confident knowing that you have put something out into the universe that is spreading the word for you… even while you sleep.

So, where can you use your “message video”?

• in paid advertising on Facebook or Instagram…

• to automate the sales process and prequalify potential prospects and partners

• on your website or in your sales funnel…

• as sneaky emails footers to clue people into your worldview…

• all over social media…

Who does a “message video” work for?

Artists, fashion designers, nightclubs… Dude, even plumbers… As long as you have a cool little business that’s doing something different from the rest, you’ll kill. This is the fastest, most direct way to get the word out about your unique business AND connect with your people!

Your new 2-3 min “message video” will explain the essence of your business better than you can ever do in person. Why? Because with video nothing gets forgotten and everything gets shown.

And don’t worry! You can still make it “pretty” if you want. Just don’t do it at the expense of what you’re trying to achieve: results!

So please stop spending a fortune on video production budgets. Instead, invest in communicating a great message and make an actual difference in the world.